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"It was an amazing morning. I have to say I've never seen anything like that. It absolutely blew me away - absolutely incredible. I kept thinking 'I wish I'd thought of that', I wish I'd thought of that, I wish I'd thought of that!"Richard Atkins (BBC reporter, Gloucester)

Reconciliation Zips


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  • Reconciliation Zips

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: all ages

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When people argue and fight they get separated from each other. They're not together any more.

And it's not just individuals that get separated from each other. Whole groups of people can become separated because of their skin colour, religious beliefs, postcodes, sexuality, clothing styles... all kinds of things. We allow these things to separate us, and we forget that we are all human beings, and that we belong together.

This activity invites students to think about their own relationships, or their friends or family, or even something that they are aware of around the world, where people have become separated. And then it asks them to pray for reconciliation, for relationships to be restored, using a simple zip.

To get started, please download the PDF on the right.