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"I had a good time and expressed my feelings; I should do more of it."Student (Year 8)

Transforming Butterflies


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  • Transforming Butterflies

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's

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Change isn't easy, and the changes that students experience within their school communities can be especially difficult. Changing classes and teachers. Changing year groups. Perhaps changing from one school to another. Change can be scary and change can be stressful. But change can also be a gift. Change can bring new relationships and new opportunities.

This activity encourages students to think about change in a positive way. It uses the imagery of a butterfly, which experiences tremendous change as it transitions from a caterpillar.

Students are invited to write on the two wings of a cut-out butterfly shape. On one side they write or draw something that they are grateful for about whatever is coming to an end. And then on the second wing, they write or draw something that they are looking forward to in the new season (school year, class, etc.).

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