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“I enjoyed it as I got to express my feelings and worries and I also got to pray which is something I wouldn’t normally do.”Student (England)

Easter Series


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  • Easter Series

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: all ages

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This short series of prayer activities will help pupils to reflect on and engage with the Easter story in a fresh way.

Stories are more than entertainment. Good stories invite us to join in. These prayer activities invite pupils to participate and engage in the Easter story as it unfolds, to consider Jesus' thoughts and feelings, and to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings as well.

Good stories enable us to see our own life-story in new ways. These prayer activities invite pupils to reflect on the events and relationships in their lives, and encourages them to express their thoughts and feelings, ask questions, and if they want to, try praying.

Nine ideas for reflection and prayer are included in this series, exploring;
+ Palm Sunday - Joy
+ The Last Supper - Friendship
+ Gethsemane - Big Questions
+ Carrying the Cross - Worries
+ Simon's Help - Helping Others
+ The Cross: "Forgive Them Father" - Forgiveness
+ The Cross - Saying Sorry
+ The Resurrection - Hopes & Dreams
+ The Great Commission - Making the World a Better Place

If you adapt these prayer activities, or if you create prayer activities based around other characters or other aspects of the Easter story, please let us know, and please let us share them with others. The best way to do this is to go to the Resources > Upload Resources webpage, and fill in the boxes.

Please download the PDF on the right.