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"It felt like the truth in here."Student (Year 6)

Flag Prayers


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  • Flag Prayers

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: all ages

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Very few people could identify every nation's flag. Most of us can remember a few of them, and we have no idea about the rest. In a similar way, we know a little about a few nations, but nothing about the rest. This activity encourages pupils to think about nations who are taking part in the Olympics and other sporting events, and to pray for for them.

There are other prayer activities in our library which focus on learning about, and praying for, the nations and the peoples of the world. Many of these nations and peoples have less opportunities and less access to basic health care, jobs, homes and education. These activities encourage prayerful compassion, and sometimes even action, amongst the pupils.

This activity does not need to be attached to the Olympic Games, or to any sporting event. It works best when accompanied by world maps, globes and Atlases for the pupils to look at and locate nations.

To get started, please download the PDF on the right.

(This prayer zone was created by Carla Taylor and the Stanford-le-Hope Boiler Room community.)