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“We are very pleased with the prayer space in our school. It worked out real depth, and shows who we are as a school. We’re always looking for opportunities to help the students to think about the meaning of life and the prayer space helps to form their identity. It’s an important consideration that I make everyday as manager: What suits this school at this time? The prayer space fits well within the task we have in the areas of socialization, personal development and civic education of our students. The prayer space was way more than just a quiet room. Often you see that those spaces are empty and not in use. But this time it was really alive."Bas Bastiaanse, School Director (Netherlands)

Prayer Wall


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  • Prayer Wall
  • Prayer Wall

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: all ages

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In Jerusalem there is a wall, called the Wailing Wall, where thousands of people push their paper prayers into tiny cracks every day. After the UK riots in 2011, prayer walls appeared in lots of cities - people wanted to express their hopes, fears, gratitude and requests to God. This activity provides an open space for pupils to write or draw their prayers and add it to a 'prayer wall'.

There are lots of alternative ways to set up a 'Prayer Wall'-style prayer activity. Pupils could write or draw their prayers onto sheets of lining paper that have been pinned onto walls, making it more of a graffiti-style prayer wall. Or, instead of a wall, students could attach their prayers to some kind of prayer tree. With post-it notes, you can use almost any object or location and turn it into a 'Prayer Wall'.

To get started, please watch the short video and download the PDF on the right.