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"I don't even believe in all that stuff, but I could feel God in there!"Student (Year 9)

Prayer Wall


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  • Prayer Wall

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: all ages

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In Jerusalem there is a wall, called the Wailing Wall, where thousands of people push their paper prayers into tiny cracks every day. After the UK riots in 2011, prayer walls appeared in lots of cities - people wanted to express their hopes, fears, gratitude and requests to God. This activity provides an open space for pupils to write or draw their prayers and add it to a 'prayer wall'.

There are lots of alternative ways to set up a 'Prayer Wall'-style prayer activity. Pupils could write or draw their prayers onto sheets of lining paper that have been pinned onto walls, making it more of a graffiti-style prayer wall. Or, instead of a wall, students could attach their prayers to some kind of prayer tree. With post-it notes, you can use almost any object or location and turn it into a 'Prayer Wall'.

To get started, please watch the short video and download the PDF on the right.