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"Even the lives of our young people get pressured and squeezed. Soul Space does something remarkable: it claims that space and offers a place to breathe some healthy spiritual air. The responses from young people demonstrate what can happen when we allow a little bit of God space into crowded lives. It's a precious gift!"Revd. Simon Ward (Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Norwich)

Forgiveness Stones


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  • Forgiveness Stones
  • Forgiveness Stones

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's Age Group: 16+

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"It's taken me two years to let go of that," wept the sixth-former after she dropped her stone into the bowl, and placed the MP3 player on the table in front of her.

This activity encourages pupils to recognise and begin to 'let go' of the hurtful things that others have said or done to them by holding and then dropping a stone into a bowl of clean water. Forgiveness is about letting go.

This prayer activity is probably one of the most powerful in our library. If you include it in your prayer space plans, we would recommend that you post a confident, sensitive team member close to the activity, so that they can respond to any pupils who need to talk with someone afterwards.

To get started, please watch the short video and download the PDF on the right.