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'It creates a refreshing, inspiring and thought provoking environment for students and teachers to have the opportunity to take time out and reflect on the important things in life that can get easily missed during the  busyness of everyday. I loved it, every school would benefit from this creative space.'Visitor (England)

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Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's Age Group: 16+

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This activity is more complex than most of the others in our library, and it breaks our own rules (!) in that it has more than one point. The use of the four playing card types - hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs - encourages pupils to explore four different prayer themes.

The CLUB focuses on things that the pupils are fighting and wrestling with in thier lives, things that they are finding hard to overcome.

The DIAMOND focuses on things that are precious to the pupils, things that they long for (in the future).

The SPADE focuses on things that the pupils need to work at, to 'dig' into, things that require discipline and determination.

The HEART focuses on things or people that the pupils love and are grateful for.

This activity requires quite a lot of space, given that it really is four activities blended into one. It works best as giant-sized playing cards (aces, because they have a lot of blank space for the pupils to write on) on tables in the centre of a prayer space, or pinned to a large wall-space.

To get started, please download the pdf on the right.