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"An educational community is enriched when individual differences are respected and welcomed... and I think that prayer spaces are an important contribution to that within the life of a school."Rach Warwick (Make Lunch, Youthscape)

Jumping For Joy


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  • Jumping For Joy

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: under 6's Age Group: 7 - 11's

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Joy isn't the same thing as happiness, but it is closely linked. Joy has a lot in common with gratitude, because it involves choosing to be or speak positively, even when some things around us are negative. This activity encourages pupils to think about things that make them joyful (joy-full) and to shout them out.

The best way to help children to pray is to let them experience an emotion or feeling and then relate it to prayer. The trampette will get most children smiling, if not grinning. Encourage them to turn that into prayer by shouting out the things that make them joyful.

Unsurprisingly, this activity works best with primary-aged children, and it's probably safer to only use it with primary-aged children too!

To get started, please download the PDF on the right.