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'I liked the Fizzy Forgiveness. My brother is in hospital and I thought it was my fault. As I watched the bubbles and the tablet fizzing in the water I realised it wasn't my fault.'Student (England)



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  • Lifeline

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's

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This activity encourages students to think about who has strengthened them in times of need.

When a mountaineer slips or falls, their friend throws them a lifeline – a rope to help rescue them. Sometimes when we are finding things difficult we need someone to throw us a ‘lifeline’ – some help or support that helps us to keep going.

We find strength in our family and friends. Christians also believe that God will help them and give them strength when they need it.

This activity uses climbing rope, as it represents the trust and support people need when they’re struggling and finding life hard.