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"The Prayer Space enables students to learn from RE, rather than just to learn about RE. The different ways for students to engage with prayer, whilst in the Prayer Space, enables all young people to have a fresh understanding of what prayer means, rather than seeing it just in a traditionally dry way."Mr Perry (Head teacher, Romford)

Little People


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  • Little People

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: under 6's Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's

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This activity encourages pupils to think about how they see themselves in relation to their friends, family, social groups and anyone else that they connect with.

Pupils are invited to choose one ‘little person’ to represent themselves, and then to arrange some of the others to represent their friends, social groups, community, family. Ask them, ‘Where do you fit?’ ‘How do you feel?’

Please note, people shaped hole punches can be found on Ebay when searching mini hole punch cutter. 

To get started, please download the PDF.