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Registering your prayer space

Registering your prayer space with Prayer Spaces in Schools.


When you’ve agreed the dates with your local school, please register your prayer space on this website. It only takes a few moments, and the details won't appear publiclyHere’s the link.

Registering your prayer space is good for us because we can identify 'hot spots' (such as Oxfordshire, UK, where more than 100 prayer spaces have been hosted in local schools), and we can link people up in those areas. Local networks can then offer support for one another by sharing resources, stories, prayer and even teams.

If we know when and where prayer spaces are happening, we can link people up who are interested in running their own prayer space, but would like to see one in action first. It would be great if you were willing to welcome one or two visitors to your prayer space. 

When prayer spaces are registered, it means that we can track where they are being hosted around the UK (and around the world now). It helps us to gather statistics and stories, which go into reports and into general funding applications.

Most of all though, the registration system enables us to walk and work more closely with you, to connect with you, to learn with you and to share your learning and experiences with others. We’re in this together.


When you register your prayer space on this website we receive a notification email, which we respond to as soon as we can. In that response, we’ll consider your particular situation (school, location, prayer space format) and try to offer the best support and advice and ‘things to do’ next.

We’ll also send you links to any recent downloads or resources that you might not have found yet. And we'll make sure that you receive any important Prayer Spaces in Schools news, and invitations to our conferences and training workshops.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll try to connect you with others who are hosting, or who have hosted, prayer spaces in your area, or prayer spaces that are similar to yours. Or even with people who might want to join in and help you. After more than 1000 prayer spaces, we’re confident that there are stories and resources and people out there who can help you towards your prayer space. We’re in this together.

Register here.

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