'Children need more opportunities like this to get out what’s going on for them on the in-side. It’s very healthy for them to have time when they are not doing or watching something on a screen.'Staff (England)

Conference Videos 2015

In 2015, we hosted our Northern Day Conference at St Georges Church Centre in Leeds, and our Southern Day Conference at St Paul's Church Shadwell in London. The London event was our largest one ever. 

As before, people travelled from far and wide. Our friends from Wales left their homes at 3am to come to London, and one of the Malta team flew in the night before. She told us that there have been around 150 Prayer Spaces in their schools. Throughout the day, we listened to some great keynotes and connected with lots of new people. 

If you missed these Day Conferences, or you'd like a reminder of some of the content, here are some of the sessions.

1) Pete Greig (keynote, London)

(Pete is one of the founding champions of the 24-7 prayer movement. He leads Emmaus Rd, a growing church community in Guildford UK, where he lives with his wife Sammy, their two sons, and Noodle the Labradoodle. He is also the author of a number of books (including Red Moon Rising and God On Mute). Find out more, @petegreig.)

2) Russell Rook (keynote, Leeds)

We're sorry for the lack of video. Unfortunately, the footage of Russ' keynote talk wasn't good enough to use. However, you can listen to the audio/MP3 by clicking on the link below (right click to download).

Listen to Russell Rook Keynote Leeds 2015

(Russell founded Chapel St, which develops education, wellbeing and faith services in London, Oxfordshire and the North West of England. He also works with the Salvation Army, and he developed their national youthwork programme, ALOVE. Russell completed his Phd in theology at St Andrews and has written a bunch of books. He also plays the cello, very well. Find out more, @russrook.)

3) Trevor Cooling (keynote, London)

We're also sorry for the low quality of the sound on Trevor's video. Unfortunately, the main audio feed for his keynote talk cut out part way through, so we had to use the audio-feed from the video camera itself, which isn't as good.

(Trevor began his career as a Biology and then RE teacher. His Phd thesis was in RE, and he is currently Professor of Christian Education at Canterbury Christ Church University. Trevor developed the What If Learning website, which explores what teaching and learning can look like when rooted in Christian faith, hope and love, and he wrote the influential publication, Doing God in Education.)

4) Tim Abbott, 'Understanding the Educational Setting' (workshop, Leeds)

(Tim leads CYO, a youth and schools ministry, which (among other things) runs Sanctum prayer spaces in the Colchester area. He is married, has two sons, and plays bass. Tim has organised three town-wide 24-7 prayer rooms, one in a shop. He likes starting new things. Tim is part of the national Prayer Spaces in Schools team.)