"If you are sceptical about how a prayer space might be received at your school I would urge you to try it and see. I have been blown away by the responses of our young people to the opportunity it has given them to learn about the power of prayer first hand."Head of RE (Pakefield, Suffolk)

Conference Videos 2013

In 2013, we moved our national Development Days to Church House behind Holy Trinity Brompton in London, and St John's Church in Bradford.

Two Catholic priests from Malta were among the participants at the London Development Day and they loved what they saw and heard. Less than six months later, the first prayer space opened in a Maltese school, and there have been more than 30 since then.

If you missed these Development Days, or you'd like a reminder of some of the content, here are some of the best sessions.

1. Nicola Powell, 'Spiritual Development and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural learning)' (London)

(Nicola Powell is the founder and director of Primary Matters, which aims to 'make learning irresistible'. Primary Matters trains school staff to develop a teaching approach that is flexible, creative, engaging, relevant, connected and relational.)

2) Tim Abbott, 'Prayer Spaces and Chaplaincy' (London)

(Tim Abbott has been part of the national Prayer Spaces in Schools team since it began. He also leads CYO, a Christian youth and schools work charity in Colchester, where his team are pioneering a wide variety of innovative projects, including chaplaincies in various schools.)

3) Zoe Moass, 'Student-led Prayer Spaces' (London)

(At the time of the Development Day, Zoe Moass was a 19-year old theology student at St Mellitus in London. She ran her first prayer space as a 17-year old, while she was in year-12 at Lady Margaret Academy. It changed her life.)

4) Rachel Warwick, 'Prayer Spaces in Multi-faith Settings' (London)

(Rach Warwick was one of the early prayer space pioneers and was part of the national Prayer Spaces in Schools team at the start. She is an ex-primary school teacher, the founder of Lunch and now works with Youthscape.)

5) Amy Crick, 'Prayer Spaces and Pastoral Care' (London)

(Amy Crick is part of the CYO team in Colchester, where she has developed the successful Beloved course for year 9 girls team, and where she works as a chaplain.)

6) Tim Hastie-Smith, 'Spiritual Development and Prayer Spaces' (Bradford)

(Tim Hastie-Smith was a Head teacher for many years, and is now the Director of Scripture Union in England.)

Here are a few of the things that Tim said that caught our attention;

What we're doing with prayer spaces is creating a language which anybody at any age can use and that's why I think prayer spaces as a model is so compelling and so important.

Compared to the way things were 150 years ago "we're obviously in a very different context in terms of assumptions about religion and assumptions about bringing an education. Nevertheless, it is my contention, indeed my certainty, that children and young people are as hungry for spirituality as they have ever been."

"Education is about soul leading. It is about drawing people out. Education means much more than intellectual and academic, and all Head teachers and teachers know that."

"The challenge to us is that willingness to be long-term in our commitment to schools - long term in relationships - and it is that we are working with children and young people in their development. We're not telling them what to believe, not forcing them down a path, but what we are doing is helping them to begin to articulate the questions... that they might begin to work around where might those answer come from."