"It felt like the truth in here."Student (Year 6)

Conference Videos 2012

In 2012, we hosted our national Day Conferences at St James, Camberwell in London and at Mosaic Church in Leeds. People travelled from all over the UK, and we even had a teacher, a youth-worker and a student from Germany. This 15-year-old student went back to host the first prayer space in a German state school a few months later, but that's another story.

If you missed these Day Conferences, or you'd like a reminder of some of the content, here are three of the best sessions.

1) David Howell'Aiming To Please: Serving The School Agenda And The Christian Agenda At The Same Time.' (London)

(David Howell has been involved in Christian youth work for over 40 years, during which time he has led a variety of Christian youth ministries, and has recently been working with schoolswork.co.uk to develop standards and qualifications for those who work in schools.)

2) Lat Blaylock'Is It Possible To Serve The Agenda Of The School And The Agenda Of The Christian Community Together?' (Leeds)

(Lat Blaylock is editor of RE Today magazine and has written many resources, including Picturing Easter, Tackling Tough Questions, Picturing Jesus and Spiritual Engagement, a folder of ideas for 16-19 RE days. He taught RE, Humanities and PSHE in Leicester for 11 years.)

Here are a few of the things that Lat said that caught our attention;

"I think a religious presence in any school, secular or church-linked, is legitimate."

"Coercion is immoral. As a Christian person sharing my faith in school, I'm not interested in coercion. I want (the message) to be so broad-minded and so open-hearted that any human being might respond to what is offered - a spiritual path in which you walk with Jesus. I want every possibility for every human taking a step in that direction."

"I'd much rather rely on the present dynamism of the Holy Spirit's work than on historic privilege."

3) Helen McGeoch, 'Hosting A Prayer Space For The First Time.' (London)

(Helen is based in Gloucester and has been involved in hosting prayer spaces in Gloucester Academy and a few primary schools. Unfortunately, we missed the first few minutes of Helen's short talk at the London Day Conference, but we're confident that you'll find what we did catch really useful.)