“We are very pleased with the prayer space in our school. It worked out real depth, and shows who we are as a school. We’re always looking for opportunities to help the students to think about the meaning of life and the prayer space helps to form their identity. It’s an important consideration that I make everyday as manager: What suits this school at this time? The prayer space fits well within the task we have in the areas of socialization, personal development and civic education of our students. The prayer space was way more than just a quiet room. Often you see that those spaces are empty and not in use. But this time it was really alive."Bas Bastiaanse, School Director (Netherlands)

Conference 2019

“It was excellent. I went expecting fairy lights and post its and, while there was some of that, I left with my heart and mind full of lots of inspiring thoughts about young people, spirituality, social justice and encounter.”

On Monday 16th September 2019, we hosted a Day Conference (in partnership with the Church of England) at Gas Street Church in Birmingham. 200 people gathered from all over the UK to explore themes relating to children’s and young people’s spirituality.

Here are the keynote presentations, and some of the seminars.

Keynote One: Me & God: Discovering God in the space - Bishop Paul Butler

Paul Butler is the Bishop of Durham for the Church of England. He has worked with and for children and young people throughout his career, and now champions them within the House of Bishops. He is also the Lords Spiritual for welfare reform.

Keynote Two: Me & Self: Not another Selfie? - Jim Davis

Jim Davis is Head of Youth Engagement in The Children’s Society. Jim leads on children and young people’s voice within the charity and on ensuring that the most disadvantaged and marginalised young people have the chance to influence and make changes.

Keynote Three: Me & The World: Are broken places holy spaces? - Jo Herbert-James

Jo Herbert-James works for Tearfund as a Theology and Networks Manager, focused on Environmental & Economic Sustainability. She is also Director of The Justice Conference, UK. After studying the faith of Millennials in her MA from King’s College London, she is passionate about a holistic & practical approach to faith and theology.

Keynote Four: Me & Others: What's next for iGen- Dr Lucie Shuker

Dr Lucie Shuker is Director of the Youthscape Centre for Research, and previously a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire. Lucie lives in Luton, where she is on the leadership of her local church. She is also works nationally on projects that address violence and exploitation against women and girls.

Seminars (Video)

Children's and Young People's mental health: What's happening and how can we respond? with Dr Lucie Shuker

Naming the elephant: reflection spaces for loss and grief. With Paul Nash

Seminar (Audio)

Partnering with Schools to transform communities. With Charl Harman

Chaplaincy: Supporting spiritual life in schools and colleges. With Tim Abbott and Beks Korneji

Using all our senses: exploring faith in school and at home. With Dr Ann Casson

How Spiritual Styles shape our experience of prayer. With Gill Heron