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"I've never seen prayer displayed or experienced like this before. It's made me realise how many different ways prayer can be appreciated. It's opened up religion into my life again. Thank you!"Student (Year 12)

Narnia: Sorry


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  • Narnia: Sorry

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: all ages

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When Edmund follows his sister, Lucy, through the wardrobe and into Narnia, he meets someone called the White Witch.

The White Witch seems nice at first, but she tempts Edmund with  some sweets, and then she tricks him into doing something bad. This bad thing hurts a lot of others, and eventually it hurts Edmund too. 

Doing bad things sometimes feels good at first, but it almost always ends up with people getting hurt. And sometimes we get hurt too. 

When we realise that we've done or said something bad, it's important to 'turn away' from the bad thing, and to say sorry. 

This activity invites students to think of something bad that they might have done or said- something that they regret - and then, if they want to, to use the sand trays as a way of 'saying sorry'.

This activity was sent to us by our friends at BeSpace, Oxford. They were developed by a local team who are  based in Abingdon. It is also part of our Narnia Series.