"The Prayer Space enables students to learn from RE, rather than just to learn about RE. The different ways for students to engage with prayer, whilst in the Prayer Space, enables all young people to have a fresh understanding of what prayer means, rather than seeing it just in a traditionally dry way."Mr Perry (Head teacher, Romford)

Day Conference 2015

Dates & Details

Saturday 26th September, 10.30am-5pm
St George's Conference Centre in LEEDS.
Places, £20 - online bookings are now CLOSED.

Saturday 3rd October, 10.30am-5pm
St Paul's Shadwell in LONDON.
Places, £20 - online bookings are now CLOSED. 

WHO are the day conferences FOR?

The Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conferences are for everyone. And this year, they're going to be better than ever. They're for those who are just starting out and want to know how to take the first steps towards their first prayer space. And they're for those who have run dozens of prayer spaces and want to take things further. They're for those who want to swap creative ideas, those who want to find new friends and collaborators, and they're for those who want to explore the purpose and ongoing impact of prayer spaces more deeply.

Basically, if you're interested or involved in running prayer spaces in schools in any way, these Day Conferences are for you.

what's happening?

This year's programme is bigger and better in every way, and the days will run something like this:

  • At 10am, the doors will open, and we'll have good coffee and cakes available.
  • Then, at 10.30am, the programme will kick off with introductions to a few people, and with a summary presentation of stories and news from the last 12 months in the life of Prayer Spaces in Schools.
  • Then we'll invite our keynote contributors to speak. After each talk we'll reflect and talk in small groups, and then engage in some Q&A with the speakers.
  • During an extended lunch break, hopefully we'll make new friends and we'll also meet with others from our localities in hosted groups to swap prayer space stories and creative ideas.
  • After lunch, we'll choose from a range of focused 'masterclass' workshops, led by prayer space practitioners from all over the UK.
  • To close, we'll gather back together for some final thoughts and reflection.

You mentioned 'cake'. will the cake be as good as last year?

Oh yes.

Cake, teas and coffees will be available at various intervals in the programme, all for free. Please bring a packed lunch with you, or come prepared to buy lunch from a local cafe.

who are the keynote speakers?

Russell Rook and Gill Robins will be our keynote speakers in Leeds. Pete Greig and Trevor Cooling will be our keynote speakers in London.

Russell Rook founded Chapel St, which develops education, wellbeing and faith services in London, Oxfordshire and the North West of England. He also works with the Salvation Army, and he developed their national youthwork programme, ALOVE. Russell completed his Phd in theology at St Andrews and has written a bunch of books. He also plays the cello, very well. Find out more, @russrook.

Gill Robins studied music at University, but went into teaching instead. In 2011 she left her primary sector job as a Deputy Head teacher to write. Many books later, she now leads Christians in Education and writes regularly about Christian perspectives in education and advocates for the presence of the Christian voice in the public square. Find out more, @CEGill1.

Pete Greig is one of the founding champions of the 24-7 prayer movement. He is the author of a number of books (including Red Moon Rising and God On Mute) and serves as Director of Prayer for Alpha International. Pete leads Emmaus Rd, a growing church community in Guildford UK, where he lives with his wife Sammy, their two sons, and Noodle the Labradoodle. Find out more, @petegreig.

Trevor Cooling began his career as a Biology and then RE teacher. His Phd thesis was in RE, and he is currently Professor of Christian Education at Canterbury Christ Church University. Trevor developed the What If Learning website, which explores what teaching and learning can look like when rooted in Christian faith, hope and love, and he wrote the influential publication, Doing God in Education.

To find out more about our keynote speakers, visit our recent News article.

what about the workshops?

At the moment, the 'masterclass' workshops are likely to include:

  • "I'm new to this... how do I get started with my first prayer space?"
  • Understanding the educational setting
  • Chaplaincy and prayer spaces
  • Ongoing prayer spaces (outdoor, regular and permanent prayer spaces)
  • Confidentiality, anonymity and safeguarding
  • Researching prayer spaces

how do i BOOK in?

Both venues have a limited capacity for about 150 participants (maybe a few more), so please use the online booking system to reserve your place as soon as possible. (NB. There is no physical ticket to send you. The email confirmation that you receive is proof of purchase.)

The online booking system for the NORTH/LEEDS Day Conference on Saturday 26th September is now CLOSED.

The online booking system for the SOUTH/LONDON Day Conference on Saturday 3rd September is now CLOSED.

and how do you suggest i get there - by car or train?

It's really up to you, although parking is limited at both venues (especially in London).

For directions to the NORTH/LEEDS Day Conference at St George's Centre, and for information about local car parks, please visit the Find Us page on their website. St George's Centre is about 10 minutes walk from Leeds main train station.

For directions to the SOUTH/LONDON Day Conference at St Paul's Shadwell, please visit their website and scroll down to the Find Us section. There are no car parks nearby. St Paul's Shadwell is about 5 minutes walk from Shadwell station (Docklands Light Railway), which is one stop from Bank station (London Underground, Central Line).

I've got a question, who do i contact?

Please contact Phil or Tandia on info@prayerspacesinschools.com with any further questions.

I still need a tiny bit of convincing.

OK, maybe this will help?